Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Sometime around the beginning of this month my blog celebrated its 1-year anniversary and I wasn't even around to give a shit. Oh, and that funny, flavourful update never came. Ahhh, good ol' June, so full of promises I was. In a way, this entry is a tribute to my 2 faithful fans... alright, maybe my one disciple. Here it goes...

Top 5 Notable Things that Happened Since My Last Update

1. Took an indefinite leave of absence from my soulless sales job
2. Made some real money for 2 months
3. Rediscovered the joys of dancing all night
4. Rediscovered the joys of web design
5. Rediscovered the value of friends

Those last two actually just popped into my head as I was making the list. Yeah, friends. I'll be yapping about this another time....

A surprising heck of a lot has happened that I couldn't include on the list. While working as a summer temp, I lost a contract job and my potential client actually spent 2+ hours lecturing to my about how I needed to improve my game to succeed in this world. The thing is, I actually listened to him intently instead of feeling insulted and breaking a chair against his head.

I also finally got my ass in gear and signed up for a sort of "remedial" Flash Actionscripting class. Can't say it was worth the $800, but it definitely reignited the fire in my belly and I have a solid foundation of Flash knowledge, at long last.

I am working on two projects right now, one of which I am quite excited about. Never mind how I"ve under-charged my services yet again... this is the client that will most surely kick my portfolio several notches higher with some good equity thrown in to boot. There's also potential work coming from different sources, all of which is giving me a light head and making me consider hanging up the "Open" sign out of my proverbial office.

If you're hard up for site to surf, check out my links. Got a few new addtions there. See you kids later.

Monday, June 03, 2002

Oh, why have I so neglected my blog? Don't worry kids. A full-on update filled with humour, wit and pathos will be coming so very soon. In the meantime, I'm posting this puppy up in the hopes of reactivating my page, which has been MIA since May 21...?

Sunday, March 24, 2002

After back-to-back weeks of pop-junk intake, I more than ready for a return to the world of "substance". Comparisons to binging on foods high in sugar and cholesterol really are quite appropriate. It's time now for a will-breaking routine of carrots, nuts and oats. I am referring to, of course, my 2 weeks of watching video game/comic book film adaptations in the form of Resident Evil and Blade 2, along with my voracious consumption of bad TV and violent computer games. The empty calories add up quickly. And when the binge is over, all you're left with is a serious case of intellectual diarrhea and the hankering to pry open those long-neglected neural pathways again.

I tried doing that today. I became one of Those People:  the ones who sit on a stool at the cafe window with a coffee, a book in hand and all the time in the world. Sitting at the window allows you to watch the other cafe patrons watching the cafe patrons across the street watching us watching them. Yes, there is a cancerous concentration of these establishments in my area. People watching aside, I am happy to report that I got through 10 pages of my small-print (and I mean small) despite the constant distraction of overly coiffed under-age girls milling around outside the shop.

Saturday, March 09, 2002

The Eternal Sadness that is the Local Career Fair - I attended the second and final day of the local career fair with lower-than-low expectations and still found myself in a perpetual state of disbelief. It wasn't so much of a job fair as it was a school fair, as booths belonging to educational institutions seemed to outnumber the booths of companies that were actually looking to hire someone. Sure, the police and fire department were representing that day, along with such high-profile, presitgious companies like Staples and 7-Eleven. The general vibe I got from this whole charade, however, was that there weren't a lot of jobs to go around and that being the case, why don't you just go back to school? Hell, I felt so strange talking to the recruiter at the 7-Eleven booth... I was stricken with the urge to laugh out loud, hide my face in shame and run away, all at once.

Yes, my pretties, it was a sad, sad day for job seekers. To life my spririts, however, I finally got paid for my freelance gig. Check it out, if you dare.

Tuesday, March 05, 2002

I've decided to just let this weblog be about me. Yes, just me. Nevermind the fact there are a billion blogs out there dedicated to navel-gazing... I feel that this is the best way to stay true to myself. See, I spend a fair amount of time in web design anyway. The last thing I want to do is load what is essentially a personal space with More Of The Same. Basically, I need a haven away from the digital design experience...and if, in a very ironic way, I use this weblog as this haven, then so be it.
Almost a year since I bookmarked it, eStudio's website is still one of the slickest design firm sites out there. For all that it lacks in originality, it more than makes up for in overall production quality. This is one of those rare sites that made me forget I was actually viewing graphics and animation over an Internet connection. Amazing. Check it out.

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

I've noticed that a lot of these electronic/communications companies have really nice sites... Sony, Motorola, Samsung... you name it, they've got a slick site to peddle their wares. It's a refreshing change to visit these kind of corporate sites. After surfing your umpteenth design site filled with illegible text and random booping sounds, you begin to hanker for something that looks pretty, but also a bit more coherent.

Thursday, February 21, 2002

Like my life, this site has been in search of a meaning for the past few months. As easy as it is to post up whatever random crap I might have in my mind with the snap of the fingers, I really do feel the need to elevate c-spot beyond that sort of egocentrism. My first posts covered topics related to web design and movies...though I've done a movie site before and I've written my share of reviews for that sort of thing. Web design is something I definitely like to rant about occasionally...but y'know, in the past year I have uncovered a glut of design-related link-whoring sites...some bad, some great...but in the end, quite a saturated market (not unlike the surplus of uemployed web professionals in real life).

Sooo... I am currently thinking of a way to get this site/blog on track and give it more of a raison d'etre beyond a "Just Because...".